Tube and Boat Rentals 

You will start your journey at Palace R.O. We will set you up, take you to your starting point help you enter the river to begin your journey floating down a narrow tree-line river: water depths vary from 1 foot to 6 feet or so. We will take children as young as five years of age provided there is one adult for each child under ten. A life jacket must be worn and will be provided for every person in a boat, we also provided for those who need one while tubing.


$25 each

The tubing trip takes about 2 ½ to 3 hours.
One person per tube.    

Times: 9 am - 3pm

*Mondays: closed after labor day

 Canoe & Kayaks
Canoe: $60 each
Kayaks: Single $40 each  / Double  Kayak: $60 each

Transports: $15

Times: 9 am - 3pm
*Mondays: closed after labor day

 Our Trips are your choice of 2 miles (Only option for tubes), 4 miles or 8 miles.  
*Taxes included

  Please note the time is up to you, All rentals require and must present a valid driver’s license that will be held until all rentals and equipment are returned. Palace R.O. is not responsible if you forget to pick up your license. Palace R.O. will hold your car keys along with your License to help you remember to pick up your keys & so they don’t get lost in the river (It happens).

  You are responsible for all rentals & equipment to be returned in the same conditions, it was rented in.
  All rentals must be returned before 7:00 pm. Or a late fee will be charged.


   Some Rules & Suggestions

  • Do not get out onto any private property
  • Do not Litter
  • Please respect the local residences, wildlife & your fellow rafters.
  • When you return, keep all of your rentals together including all paddles & life jackets.
  • Refrain the use of alcohol & drugs on the river
  • Wear water shoes or old shoes
  • Do not leave anything loose in your pockets; secure keys to belt loop, Boat or tube.
  • Use waterproof bags for extra clothes, cigarettes, phone etc.